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A Family Business

Tri-State Commodities, Inc. was established in 1971 by Ivan D. (Jack) Shupe in Greeley, Colorado.  Jack has been in the trucking industry for almost his entire life.  Over the past 50 years he has watched Tri-State grow from a small one-truck company to a fleet of almost fifty trucks.  Jack still touches base at Tri-State daily, although he leaves the operation of the company to his two sons, Grant and Gregg. 

Tri-State Commodities Trucking - Family-owned Business

A Tradition of Excellence

Grant and Gregg have worked at Tri-State since graduating from high school.  Grant is a mechanic in the shop and one of the best diesel engine mechanics in the United States.  Gregg works in the shop and he also helps with the daily operation of Tri-State.  Grant’s wife ,Wendy, began working for Tri-State in 1983 and is now the President of the company.  She is vital to the company and takes care of all of the day to day operations. 

Growing the Business

Grant and Wendy’s son, Chad, is the dispatcher for Tri-State, an extremely demanding job which he is great at.  Gregg’s sons, Preston and Elliot, both work in the shop doing an excellent job keeping the orange trucks running up and down the road.  Tri-State Commodities, Inc. hopes to continue expanding it’s business and plans to keep growing as a company.  

Tri-State Commodities Trucking growing the business
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